About Us

For those of us trying to tune our instruments quickly, handheld tuners, mobile phone tuners, and websites provide about a million different options. However, we at TuneAnything.com have noticed that in many cases, tuners either lack a good solid tone and intuitive interface, or are missing a well written explanation on how to tune any given instrument.

What is TuneAnything.com?

TuneAnything.com is an ever-growing compendium of instrument tuners with well written step-by-step tutorials. The actual buttons for the tuners themselves are positioned at the top of the page, and are clearly labeled, to allow users to quickly click and listen to the tone they require. Tuners “remember” options such as volume between sessions, that way you won’t need to adjust anything after the first time.

Website Author

My name is Max Longton, and I started playing the violin as part of my third grade music program at age seven. I would play the violin for the rest of my life, along with various other instruments including marimba, piano, recorder, trumpet, clarinet, and tuba. These days, apart from my interest in music, I am a software engineer attempting to give back via the web.

Technology and Methodology

From the beginning, our goal was to create a high quality tuner for every tunable instrument. However, the issue of finding all these instruments would be solved in one of two ways: 1) Research and discovery, pure and simple. 2) Our “Request a Tuner” feature on the website. The obvious tuners include all stringed instruments, but some of the more obscure tuners (that are in demand) are found via the request form. Whenever we discover a new instrument that requires a tuner, we research the instrument, write a step by step guide on how to tune it, and in some cases, create a tuning demonstration video.

As for the technology, we use the Javascript “window.AudioContext” object to create perfect pitches. Every instrument has a set of pitches and those are reflected on each instrument’s respective page.


Let’s face it, tuning is the first step to playing almost every instrument; and whether you’re a novice or a virtuoso, a good tuner is the critical foundation to everything that comes after. That’s why the mission of TuneAnything.com is to create both a 1-click, no-scroll solution and definitive source of truth for everything related to tuning.